Welcome to North American Analytical Labs

North American Analytical Labs (NAAL) performs various environmental investigations and develops remediation specifications to cleanup environmental problems. NAAL was established in Abilene, TX in 1988 by Denny E. Walker. Since that time we have provided environmental services throughout the state of Texas and the surrounding states. Originally founded as a PLM laboratory for the detection of asbestos in building materials, our mission changed in the mid 90’s. We currently focus on asbestos consulting, but we still perform field analyses for asbestos with light microscopes. Additionally, we provide services to include all areas of industrial hygiene.

Our goal is to provide state of the art cost effective service in the environmental field. We are a knowledgeable contributing member of the asbestos profession and we continue to grow in the overall environmental fields by maintaining up to date license and certifications in Asbestos, Indoor Air Quality, and Other Hazardous Materials. We ensure that our clients will be protected both contractually and legally and believe our clientèle has increased as a result.